• Germany Listening

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What is Germany Listening?

Discussing the issues of today with the movers and shakers of tomorrow: “Germany Listening” initiates a dialogue with emerging talents in the field of international politics. Guest speakers from around the world not only give lectures, thereby adding to the curriculum of the International Relations Master’s degree programme, but also take part in an intensive exchange of ideas with the students afterwards. In partnership with the International Relations Master’s degree programme, Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft has been organising lectures, formerly called “Foresight Lectures”, in Berlin since 2012. As of the summer term 2018, the lecture series continued under the heading of Germany Listening.

Why Germany Listening?

In the project Germany Listening, we invite our guest speakers to talk about their expectations of Germany. International views on this issue are of particular interest given the fact that recently, Germany has repeatedly been called on to assume a leading role, both within and outside of the European Union. The lectures elaborate on what a constructive German foreign and European policy might look like going forward.

How does Germany Listening work?

The International Relations Master’s degree programme, jointly offered by the Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University, Berlin and the University of Potsdam, hosts Germany Listening” together with Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. After the lectures that are limited to 200 students, around 30 participants will have the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion together with the speakers in a more informal setting.

Selected speakers at Germany Listening