Urban Age Task Force June 9, 2022


For a more sustainable and livable Athens, the Urban Age Task Force Athens developed a comparative study between European cities

The Urban Age Task Force Athens initiative is coming to a close: at the event "Athens: Towards a more livable city", the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and LSE Cities will present their project results on June 16. A panel with Athens’ Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis will discuss key findings on livability and sustainability in the Greek capital, as well as innovation and best practices in urban policy and design.

Currently and in the aftermath of the pandemic, the city is making new investments in its urban infrastructure and public spaces to improve quality of life and reverse recent population declines. The Athens Urban Age Task Force aims to contribute to this urban renaissance.

It is based on the results of several workshops that took place between urban experts and policy makers from four major European cities when the project started in 2020. This has now resulted in our study report Athens Urban Age Task Force - A Spatial Compendium, which compares Athens with other global cities and provides insights into spatial, social, economic and environmental characteristics at the metropolitan and local levels.

The collaboration between LSE Cities at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft of the joint Urban Age project dates back to 2004. What began as an international study of cities has evolved into a comprehensive program of research, outreach, and collaboration with urban decision makers and city governments worldwide.


  • Kostas Bakoyannis, Mayor of Athens
  • Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities at the London School of Economics
  • Jean Louis Missika, Former Deputy Mayor of Paris (2014-2020) and member of the Board of Trustees at Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
  • Mary Vassilakou, Former Deputy Mayor of Vienna (2010-2019)
  • Georgios Panetsos, Professor of Architecture at the University of Patras
  • Tony Travers, Vice Dean, School of Public Policy, London School of Economics

The panel will be moderated by Alexis Papahelas, Editor-in-Chief, Kathimerini.

For more information on the Urban Age Task Forces, please contact Elisabeth Mansfeld.