Fellowship Digital Europe Virtual, June 3, 2021

Fellowship Digital Europe: Gender Equality in the Digital Space & Europe’s Digital Future

What opportunities and challenges does gender equality in the digital space hold? What about Europe's digital future? Fellows discuss with Monika Ladmanová, Claudia Huber and Samuel Walker

Since the end of March, the fellows of the Digital Europe Fellowship have been working intensively on their digital educational offers for young people.

In our upcoming workshop, Monika Ladmanová, advisor and member of the cabinet of the EU Vice-President for Values and Transparency, Vera Jourová, will discuss the opportunities and challenges of gender equality in the digital space with the four fellows.

Afterwards Claudia Huber and Samuel Walker will provide the fellows with an insight into working with scenarios as instruments of strategic foresight. In a joint exercise, the key question “What if ...?” Is used to discuss possible future developments in relation to the participants' work topics. The scenarios developed in the Digital Europe 2030 project serve as a starting point.