Urban Age Great Britain, October 27, 2020

Expert opinions on the state of cities in the 2020s required: First survey on future of work is online

Experts are invited to share their knowledge in a series of online surveys in order to prepare for the upcoming Urban Age Debates

Over the next six months the Urban Age programme will investigate the state of cities in the 2020s and how they will be impacted by a range of often opposing challenges – the pandemic, the urban economy, social justice, governance and climate change. In preparation of upcoming online debates and public lectures, LSE Cities and Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft are launching a series of online surveys on these challenges.

Given the current uncertainties, this survey specifically targets a broad assessment and early speculations by urban leaders, practitioners and respective thematically relevant disciplines. Subjective views and opinions on the future of cities post-2020 are collected to then identify areas of broad agreement and disagreement. As respondents, the survey targets experts in the specific fields.

The first scoping survey on the future of “knowledge work” in cities is already online. Knowledge work is a broad term that describes professions that produce unique knowledge with an emphasis on non-routine problem-solving; for example: programmers, physicians, architects, engineers, lawyers, and academics.

The following surveys will be online soon. Results will be made public via our social media (Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn).